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LVP605 series HD LED Video Processor for LED display screen

LVP605 series HD LED Video Processor Seamless Switching Fade-in / Fade-out switching & Blend switching 4 custom PIP / POP display modes HD Text, Flash, Graphics & Logo Overlay.

Item No.: LVP605

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Product Size: 145 mm (height) ×370mm (width) ×535mm (length)

Applications: LED Display

Min Order Quantity: 1 set

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2.  New Faroudja® Real Color®

3.  Faroudja® TureLife™ Video Enhancer

4.  Advanced 4x4 Pixels Interpolation Scaling Algorithm

5.  HDMI 1.3a with HDCP, HD 1080P input

6.  SDI / HD-SDI / 3G-SDI (1080P) Input

7.  10-bit Processing

8.  Seamless Switching, Fade-in / Fade-out switching & Blend switching in random input signals

9.  HD Text, Flash, Graphics & Logo Overlay

10. 4 custom PIP / POP display modes, which can be switched by pressing one button

11. Hot Spare function, display will be stable and reliable

12. Picture Freeze function

13. AIAO( Any In Any Out ) function allows for displaying any capturing picture in specific area on the screen

14. 2304 x 1152 or 2560 x 816 output for single machine

15. Multi-machine in parallel, multi-unit installed in parallel drive indefinite LED lattice

16. Easy setup and adjustment through knob and keys on the panel. Full design RS232 command

for operating and setting

17. Press keys or knob on frontal panel to directly select 10-channel input signal source,including:

3×CVBS        1×DVI                             1×HDMI

2×VGA          1×YPbPr / YCbCr           1×S-Video

1×EXT.( extended modle , can be VIDEO or SD I / HD-SDI / 3G-SDI or VGA / DVI / HDMI )

18. 2 channels can be configured to connect external stereo audio, plus DVI, HDMI and SDI audio,

there are 5-channel audio for synchronous switch

19. 2 LED Transmission Cards Built-in ability ( sending cards are optional )


Nums / Type

1×HDMI(1.3a with HDCP )
1×EXT.(Extended )

Video system



Composite Video

Scope / Impedance


1V(p_p)/ 75Ω


S-video Scope / Impedance


Y:1.0V(p_p)/ 75Ω,C:0.35V(p_p)/ 75Ω

VGA Format



VGA Scope / Impedance

R、G、B = 0.7 V(p_p)/ 75Ω

DVI Format

SD / HD(CEA -861)




HDMI 1.3 Format( HDCP )

SD / HD(CEA -861)




YPbPr Format

SD / HD(CEA -861)


YPbPr Scope / Impedance

Y= 1.0V(p_p)/ 75Ω
Pb= 0.35V(p_p)/ 75Ω
Pr= 0.35V(p_p)/ 75Ω

SDI format


576i @50Hz

480i @60Hz



3G-SDI format


SMPTE 274M/296M
SMPTE 424M/425M

≤1920 x 1080@50Hz / 60Hz

AUDIO Scope / Impedance

2.0Vp-p / 10K?


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